Top 5 places to experience Greek Easter

Top 5 places to experience Greek Easter

Greek Easter is the most important and poignant religious festivity of the year and it is celebrated with unique customs and traditions all around Greece. During the great Spring seasson, Greece is offering amazing places to experience Greek Easter! Below we you will find the top five places, which are reviving old and unique traditions and are the best for those who want to make the most out of the Greek Easter period!


The vibrant Greek capital is transformed to a mysterious city thought Holy Week and Easter holidays. The numerous small Byzantine churches are operating daily and there is no better place to witness a service than an old church in Plaka district. The Easter atmosphere is on its pick during Good Friday night funerary procession – Epitaphios – and of course on Easter service taking place on Saturday at 11.00pm!

     2. Monemvasia

Being in the spectacular castle city of Monevmasia is an experience on its own, let alone during Greek Easter period! Just by walking in those narrow medieval streets during Good Friday funeral procession, you are automatically transferred in the Byzantine era! In Easter Sunday you will have the opportunity to taste the traditional Easter lamb in the small taverns inside the castle offering amazing views! 

    3. Corfu

Easter is the most important religious event in Corfu with numerous traditions attracting thousands of visitors every year! The epitaph processions of Good Friday in Corfu, which follows a specific route, is accompanied by the islands famous philharmonic orchestra, and Venetian style lights! However, the best moment of a Corfu Easter is on Saturday morning. Locals and visitors are gathering in Spianada square to watch the “Botides” tradition. According to the tradition, at 12pm, Corfiots throw from their windows huge clay pots with red ribbons. The custom of the artificial ‘earthquake’ symbolizes the earthquake that followed Christ’s Resurrection!

    4. Patmos

Greek Easter in Patmos is the absolute spiritual experience! The Aegean island is often called the “Jerusalem of the Mediterranean”, due to the presence of St. John the Evangelist, who wrote the book of Revelation into the holy cave! The Holy Monastery of Saint John in Patmos Chora, is a UNESCO world heritage site and Easter is celebrated in the island in the most spiritual way! The most astonishing tradition is taking place on Maundy Thursday,“the Washing of the Disciples’ Feet”  is about a representation of the Jesus  washing the feet of his twelve disciples, before His Crucifixion.

    5. Metsovo

This is the perfect place if you want to explore nature at its best and at the same time  experience Greek Easter. Churches are fully operating in this picturesque mountainous village and people from all over Greece are gathering to enjoy the amazing atmosphere and relax! Metsovo is also the perfect place for foodies famous from the Metsovone cheese to high quality wines! Especially during Easter Sunday taverns along with the traditional Easter lamb are offering a variety of  other traditional recipes like pies and delicious deserts! 

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