Theatrical nights in Athens

Theatrical nights in Athens

With more than 300 theaters and more than 1000 plays each season, Athens is one of the most vivid theatrical capitals in the world. Theater has a long and lasting history with the city of Athens since the ancients times. The ancient Dionysus theater, right at the slopes of the Acropolis, still reminding us the strong connections that the city holds with theater and the fact that ancient Greeks considered it as part of their education.

Modern Athenians still love to spend their nights by watching plays at some of the numerous theaters in Athens. Even during the years of financial crisis, Athenians showed even more  passion for that form of art and theaters around the city are proud to see their scenes full each night!

So, if you are interested to walk off the beaten path and spend your nights like a true local we invite you to join Athenians in an unforgrettable theater night out! 

Some theaters offering plays with English surtitles are listed below:

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