Walk through Modern History of Athens

Walk through Modern History of Athens

Walk though modern history of Athens is a unique experience to understand Athens as a modern metropolis, it is a walk  through the most important sights of our modern history. From Syntagma square, the Parliament building and the change of the guards to Athens Trilogy buildings ( consists of three neoclassical buildings, Academy – University – Library) and the Polytechnic school of Athens.

A detailed itinerary will be:
Change of the guards in front of Parliament building

Walk in National Gardens and Irodou Attikou street. History information and today’s usage and role.

Walk in Kolonaki district.

Quick stop at Panepistimiou Street in front of the trilogy of Athens buildings.

Walk in the most controversial district of Athens, Exarcheia district.

Last stop will be the Athens Polytechnic University. It is here that the recent history of Greece is written and it is a must see while visiting Athens.

Walk with us, learn about the history and current use of these buildings and the neighborhood around them. Witness the  Athenian way of life, see by yourself the modern daily life and learn the historical events that define the modern history of Athens

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