Walk with us and say Eureka! in every turn


eurekΑthens!! This is probably what our beloved Archimides would have shout after he had taken a walk with us in the astonishing scenery of modern Athens. We are Alex and Agathi, two vibrant Athenians who love their city with all their senses. We invite you to let your own senses free and discover the hidden beauty of Athens!


Few words from Alex: I am Alex, 32 years old, born and raised in Athens. After spending a few years in Edinburgh, Scotland, studying Electrical Engineering I returned to Athens where I live and work since then. Two of the things I enjoy doing the most is riding my fixed bicycle and tasting delicacies in Athens. Both me and my beloved english cocker spaniel “Ira” love having long walks downtown and she gets super excited when she gets nice treats from the owners of local delicatessen shops! My travelling experience made me realise that you can appreciate a place if you blend in with the locals and have a taste of their everyday life. If you believe (or not!) the same let me guide you through Athens and show you more than meets the eye of a typical tourist!!




Few words from Agathi:
Hello, My name is Agatha, born in 1986 in Athens and lived here since then. I have studied Statistics and i hold a Finance and Business Administration master degree. Working for many years in the family business, a small bookstore close to the city center, I have been addicted to reading but i especially love reading classic novels and books dedicated to Greek history. What really awakens my senses is Art!! literature, theater or music are the perfect ingredients that add some spark to my everyday routine. While I wander around downtown, I never miss a chance to capture any special moment that catches my eyes within the city’s buzz (you have to love smartphones for their super-duper cameras!!). When i am not working in my bookstore I enjoy visiting small independent fashion boutiques spoiling myself with unique pieces of handmade art . Needless to say how much I love travelling!! and as a keen traveler myself I’ve always loved to learn about different cultures and always wanted to see each place like a local. So, if you want to see Athens through the eyes of a enthusiastic local then I will be delighted to show you the hidden, or not so hidden, treasures of my City!!

Favourite books: Apology by Plato, Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada

Favourite places outside of Greece: New York, Istanbul


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