Walking and open air cinema experience!

Walking and open air cinema experience!

Spend the best afternoon of your holidays by taking a walking tour in the city of old Athens and watching a movie at a historic open air cinema! The total duration of this experience is about 3 hours.

During summer time, few things can be compared with an afternoon walk in the old town of Athens and a night out in an open air cinema! This type of a night out is one of the favorites of  romantic Athenians since it combines a relaxing walk in the peaceful streets of Plaka (old town of Athens) and the night ends watching a film in an open air cinema having the Parthenon as a background!

The plan

This walking experience includes an one hour relaxing walk in the neighborhood of Plaka which is the oldest and most beautiful neighborhood in Athens. Along with your local guide you will experience the stories behind of all the important monuments you’ll come across during you walk and you’ll have the chance to take great photographs under the light of the Athenian sunset.

During your walk in Plaka you will witness  4 different eras namely Ancient,Roman,Byzantine,Ottoman and you’ll end your tour with one of the favorite habits of the Modern Athenian era which is going to an open air cinema! Some of the landmarks we will come across are the monument of Lysicrates, Byzantines Churches,Ottoman buildings, the Roman Agora, the Ancient Agora and many more which are selected by our local team so that you get the most out of your walk in Plaka!

Our walk ends outside an open air cinema which is located under the Acropolis hill! All non-English speaking movies have English subtitles so you can follow the movie plot when you are not gazing the Parthenon or the clear night Athenian sky! The movie starts at 20:50 and usually has a 90 mins duration.

As in any Eureka experience, we promise that you’ll get an original taste of Athens while you enjoy your tour with an enthousiastic local!


  • Local guide
  • Walking tour
  • Entrance to the open air cinema

Not included:

  • Hotel pick-up, drop-off
  • Gratuities (optional)

Things to Note:

  • The title of the film is announced every week so if you want to know the title please ask us before booking
  • Open air cinemas can be chilly at night so we advise you to bring a light jacket
  • Mosquitoes love the open air space so you should have a mosquito repellent with you

When: This tour is run on

  • Tuesday, Friday, weekend @ 19:15

Meeting place:

  • outside metro station Acropolis (red line)




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