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Byzantine and Ottoman heritage walking tour of Athens

Byzantine and Ottoman heritage walking tour of Athens

For thousands of years, Athens was part of the Byzantine and then Ottoman Empire. Since Greece became an independent state Athens transformed from a small city to the cosmopolitan Greek capital. Although the medieval period is long gone, Byzantine and Ottoman  heritage is still visible. Join us to this amazing 3 hours walking tour, travel back in the time of Emperors, Sultans, harems and bazaars, discover hidden treasures in some of the most crowded districts and revive the mixed lifestyle and culture during this less known but equally important period of history

The plan

We meet at Acropolis metro station , and we start our tour discussing about the eras Athens faced and how the Acropolis and the area around evolved from the ancient times to the Byzantine and Ottoman period and what we see today in our modern world.

We start our walk by heading at the heart of Plaka district where we will admire ancient greek monuments and their role during medieval period,  old byzantine churches, residences, mosques and hammam from the Ottoman times and dig their rich history. 

During the tour we ll have the chance to see through a tablet how Athens has evolved through the centuries and we will share stories and historic facts about that era.

At the end of our tour we will end up to a traditional Greek pastry shop where we will taste deserts or coffee inspired from eastern culture and discuss about Athenian every day life and history!


  • Local guide
  • Small groups (up to 8 persons)
  • Desert or coffee

Not included:

  • Hotel pick-up, drop-off
  • Private expenses
  • Gratuities (optional)

Languge: English

Where: Acropolis metro station

When: This tour is run on

  • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 16:00 from October to May
  • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 18:00 from June to September
  • Every day us a private tour


Or contact us for other days and time or for more information

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