Month: October 2017

Ottoman heritage of Athens walking tour and hammam experience

Ottoman heritage of Athens walking tour and hammam experience

For centuries of years, Athens was part of the Ottoman Empire. Although this period is long gone,  Ottoman  heritage is still visible. Join us to this amazing 2 and a half hours walking tour, travel back in the time of Emperors, Sultans, harems and bazaars, […]

Great Downtown Athenian Bars

Great Downtown Athenian Bars

If you are visiting Athens during Autumn or winter time you can have a great night out in one of the following bars that are gathered downtown Athens at a convenient walking distance so that your bar hopping becomes easier! Clumsies The place This bar […]

Tailor Made Experiences

Are you a small group of people,family or colleagues visiting Athens and you want to have a walking tour in your own way? We are here to plan it and execute it with you!

We are an experienced team at organizing themed and tailor made tours in Athens so that the members of the group can get the local feeling in their own unique way! Treasure hunting, team bonding, family oriented tours.. you name it and we can make it!

We may be a walking tour company but we also believe its refreshing to break the rules once in a while so in our Tailor Made Tours we can go on wheels (mini van) if this is what it takes to fulfill your desires for a tour in Athens!

Tasting experiences:

  • Food tour
  • Vegeterian food tour
  • Wine tour
  • Olive tasting
  • Cooking classes
  • Greek traditional dinner
  • Mediterranean diet seminar

Shopping experiences

  • Shopping clothes,cosmetics,jewelry in selected shops
  • High street shopping
  • Greek art and souvenir hunting

Family experiences

  • Play in the Park, happy train and walking tour
  • Childrens’ museum and walking tour
  • Walk in the sea side and play in the park
  • Treasure hunting

All the above are only some of the tailor made experiences we can provide to you. Please contact us for more information and let us know how we can satisfy your needs for a Tailor Made local experience!

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