5 great greek islands hidden in the deep blue!

5 great greek islands hidden in the deep blue!


Symi is a small Island in the south – east aegeon sea close to Rhodes Island. Symi was the capital of Dodekanese Islands at the start of the 20th century and because of that had an economic prosperity. It is an Island with a long history dating back to the prehistoric ages and it was even stated by Ohmer that it took part in the Trojan war under ther commands of the king Nireas.  Today there are many reason why someone should visit Symi and style and elegance is definitely one of them.

How to get there

There is frequent scheduled ferry departures from Piraeus Port to Symi Island but you should have in mind that it is a long trip that takes about 17 hours. An alternative to ferry is to fly to Rhodes Island from Athens and then take the boat to Symi which takes about one hour to reach Symi.




Nisyros is not only famous for its crystal blue waters but also for the volcano that is still alive! If it makes you feel more comfortable, we tell you that the last eruption of the volcano was about 15.000 years ago and since then the crater that was created is open to visitors who want to live an unforgetable experience. We recommend to visit the museum of the volcano before or after you visit the actual volcano so that you can have a complete understading of this unique natural phenomenon. Thanks to the volcano the island has many hot springs open to the public where you can have a relaxing spa session. Just like in any other greek Island here you can find great sea food and local dishes as well.

How to get there

The ferry to Nisyros departs from Piraeus port and it takes about 13 hours to reach Nisyros. You can also fly from Athens to Kos and reach Nisyros by ferry which takes about 1 hour.




Kithera is located between the Peloponesse and Crete and is well hidden both from tourist and Greeks! It is an Island with great history and monuments and it is there where the first GPS in history was constructed in 2nd century BC! Apart from great beaches this island has water mills, caves and a pine forest waiting for you to explore!

How to get there 

You can reach Kithera in less than one hour with direct flights from Athens.




Folegandros is an Island prefered by couples since its atmospheric like santorini yet it is doesn’t get as crowded as Santorini does. People who visit this Island they want to have relaxing holidays and connection with the nature through activities like scuba diving, snorkeling or trekking and many more.  Here you can find classy apartments and hotel rooms with breathtaking views and excellent service. There is plenty of fresh food to taste as well as restaurants which serve modern and creative cuisine.

How to get there 

You can take the ferry from Piraeus port and reach Folegandros in 3-4 hours or 8-9 hours depending on which type of ferry you choose for your trip. The location of this Island is ideal for those who want to do Island hopping since you can easily go to famous and beloved Islands like Santorini, Paro, Nakso and many more.



Meganisi is a small Island in the Ionian Sea close to Lefkada Island. It is famous to yacht  owners who want to spend a few days in this quiet and beautiful Island. Having said if you choose Meganisi as your summer destination you should expect high quality service in the hotels and restaurants and crystal blue waters to swim. This Island is great for hopping to the neighboring  Islands like Lefkada or Kefalonia

How to get there

Getting to Meganisi is not an easy task! You can fly to Preveza from Athens and from there you to drive 5o mins to Nydri, the port of Leykada Island, and get on the ferry boat to reach Meganisi after a 30mins travel. Total travelling time from Athens is about 5 hours.

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