Exclusive night clubs in Athens

Exclusive night clubs in Athens

If you’re visiting Athens during Spring/Summer and you are up for dancing in some fancy  clubs by the seaside here is some of them in the Athenian Riviera we have handpicked for you.


This club is located in the Athenian riviera and it is famous for being the choice of famous people like meryl Streep, Ethan Hawke, Moby and many more! If you want to feel its glamourous yet peacefull vibes by the seaside then this IS the place to be. The grand opening is on the 4th May 2017 and every wednesday there is R&B party and every Thursday house party. If it happens to be in Athens on a full moon night then you shouldnt miss the full moon fest party. For those seeking a fusion of mediterranean and japanese gastronomy then the island restaurant is the perfect choice.

For more information check out the website www.islandclubrestaurant.gr



Akrotiri is famous to locals since although it is located in the Athenian riviera it is fairly close to Athens city center and is easily accessible by public transportation such as the Tram. Every Wednesday there is R&B party and every Friday there is live dj sets with uplifting bits. At the restaurant you can choose between sushi or Italian cuisine.

For more information check out the website www.akrotirilounge.gr



In the district of Glyfada you’ll find the Akanthus club which is popular to local youngsters. Easily accesible by the Tram and conveniently located amongst the most busy beaches in the Athenian Riviera. Whether you feel like dancing or having dinner by the seaside, Akanthus is always in the top of the list. There are live dj sets and themed nights.




Eureka tip:

#1.The above clubs tend to have a picky attitude at the entrance cause they want a balanced mix of men and women in them.

#2. If you want to have dinner we advice you to make a reservation.

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