Alternative free walking tour of Athens!

Alternative free walking tour of Athens!

We believe that the best way to get to know a place is to walk in its streets along with a local! In this almost two and a half hours free walking tour, you ‘ll see Athens through the eyes of a local who loves this city! It is the ultimate tour for those who want to get to know Athens in a fun and exciting way! We recommend to take this tour as soon as you arrive in Athens simply because among other things you’ll get a taste of how to navigate in the city during your stay.


The plan: We meet at a very central place in Athens, Syntagma square, and we start our tour by heading towards the most important monuments and places of interest in the City, namely:

  • Greek Parliament
  • National Garden
  • Irodou Attikou str.
  • Maximou Mansion
  • Hellenic Republic Presidential Home
  • Panathenaic Stadium
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Adrian’s Arch
  • Plaka neighborhood
  • Ancient Roman market
  • Tower of the winds
  • Adrian’s Library
  • Monastiraki neighborhood
  • Thisio neighborhood
  • Ancient Greek market
  • Temple of Hephaestus

Along the way you ‘ll learn interesting facts about life in Ancient Athens and how it has changed over the centuries. 

At the end of the tour we ll give you tips and suggestions about restaurants and bars you should visit if you want to feel the true vibes of modern Athens!This is a free walking tour but if you feel like it was up to your expectation then a tip is much appreciated!

Language: English

Where: Syntagma square (in front of the fountain)

When: This tour is run on

  • Weekdays, except Tuesday, @ 18:30 pm
  • Tuesday @ 9:45 am
There are no services available for this day.
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11 thoughts on “Alternative free walking tour of Athens!”

  • Thanks for the great time in nice Athens, a wonderful walk in this magical city with a personal touch all the time!!! Thanks, Agathi for the great time and the nice tips you gave during the tour and after that 🙂

  • My tour guide was alex i liked the small size of the group! The route of the tour was well planned and we got lots of information about the city of athens in a fun and interactive way! Loved the way he made us feel like locals and not like tourists! Great tour!thanks!
    I wil certainly do the food tour as well!!!!
    Thanks Alexis”

  • This was my first Freetour and the Eureka Athens team made it a great experience ! It was not a crowded group – the hosts told us they prefer smaller groups so the tour can be more engaging. They also created a nice sense of friendliness and ease among us and among them. They took us through the winding roads and boulevards of Athens giving us a good tour of many of the monuments. The tour is well-planned and includes several opportunities for panoramas and photos. The evening schedule Eureka offers is also highly recommended as I found Athens to be extremely hot for such a walk in the morning.

    About the hosts, Alex and Agatha are very knowledgeable and upbeat persons, with very good manners and command of the english language, something which really set them apart in my trip. They share small but interesting stories about everything in the route and seem to genuinely care for their guests. In addition, I found them more than happy to answer all kinds of questions, ranging from history to their experiences about local quality places for food, shopping and nightlife.

    In all, this was a great experience. I consider it a model for such tours, and I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to get themselves going in Athens as soon as they arrive.

  • A perfect way to explore the city. An absolute highlight of my trip to Athens.
    Don’t bother with bus tours through city centre – do the walking tour, so you’ll get to enjoy the sun too!

    Alex and Agathi were incredible, passionate about their job and encouraged you to ask questions about the tour.
    Τhey were always ensuring that they were audible to everyone.
    It was really interesting and they show you not just the most popular things, but also some details.
    I wish the tour was longer!
    They offered tips about restaurants and bars as well.
    One of the best tours I have ever done!

    Take some comfy shoes and make sure you tip!!

  • My husband and I took the tour with Alex. We really appreciated the small size of the tour, which gave Alex the opportunity to provide more depth when answering questions. I especially enjoyed getting the perspective of Athens from a local. Even more so, Alex emailed us after the tour with a reminder of some of the suggestions he had made regarding places to eat and grab drinks.

    • Hi Melissa!Thanks for taking time to review our tour! Hope you had great time in Athens and your suitcase got full of great memories!

  • Great tour to get a real feel for Athens and a nice mix of the ancient and the contemporary. The tour guide, Alex, was very knowledgeable and laid back. Thanks again.

  • Even though it was just 2 of us, Alex was fantastic . This gave Alex the opportunity to provide even more depth when answering questions. I especially enjoyed getting the perspective of Athens from a local. Even more so, Alex emailed us after the tour with a reminder of some of the suggestions he had made regarding places to eat and grab drinks and a few clubs.

  • I was on this tour and it was amazing, my tour guy was Alexis and he was great and nice. We were only 3 people and the enviorement was so familiar. Also I wasn’t able to made a reservation so when I appeared that day, he accpeted me on the tour and helped me to understand the metro on my way back to the hoostel. I really recommend this free walking tour.

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