koukaki district is on the southeast side of the Filopappus Hill in Athens. It borders with the regions of Petralona, Neos Kosmos and the Acropolis and is crossed by Syggrou Avenue. Koukaki is a densely populated area, already congested by the 1960s and 1970s, but remains an expensive neighborhood due to location next to Acropolis. Took its name from the factory owner George Koukakis, one of the first inhabitants of the region in the early 20th century, who established in Koukaki the iron beds factory. Already in the 60s the neighborhood was populated, as were many central regions.

The pedestrianization of Dionysiou Areopagitou in 2000 and the creation of the new Acropolis Museum in 2009,  upgraded Koukaki district significantly, turning it into a center of attraction for foreign and domestic visitors. Those who want to avoid the hussle and bustle of Makrigianni and Acropolis, stray to closeby streets, to discover an equally retro and modern at the same time view of Athens. Koukaki combines tranquility,  by its many beautiful streets that seem untouched by time , is ideal for walking and cycling and there are friendly people of every class, color and age. Especially the last ten years Koukaki is a home to many alternative cafes, gourmet restaurants, traditional kitchens, hipsters bars , and galleries.

Not only is the aura of the Acropolis, the old neoclassical buildings and the neighborhood shops that give a special character in this neighborhood,  it is mainly the residents who actively seek to improve their daily lives, preserving a friendly and human atmosphere.

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