Exarcheia is the name of a neighborhood in downtown Athens,  close to the historical building of the National Technical University of Athens.  It took the name from a merchant named Exarchos who opened a large general store in Themistokleous street. Exarcheia is bordered on the east by Kolonaki and is framed by Patission Street, Panepistimiou Street and Alexandras Avenue. The first inhabitants were workers from the Cyclades, and their population growth began in 1865. The housing of historical universities such as the Law School of Athens and the National Technical University of Athens made Exarcheia square a  major student attraction. The neighborhood played a significant role in the social and political life of Greece. It is there where the Athens Polytechnical uprising of November 1973 took place and it is considered the most turning point in the newest history of Greece. Also, this Athenian neighborhood  was and still remains the home of many important personalities of art and literature.

The Exarcheia region is famous as a home for Greek anarchists but the truth is far from this.  It is still home to many bookstores, offices, galleries, new restaurants and alternative bars. During the day the area is full of students going to lectures and professionals going to their offices. At night students and generally young people are gathering to many bars and taverns around the district to enjoy a coffee or a dinner.

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