The special charm of Psiri neighborhood, which is sourrounded by roads Athenas, Ermou, Piraeus and Evripidou, is making a long journey through history and was one of the eight neighborhoods institutionalized the Turkish occupied Athens.

Despite this first report, the roots of its history goes even deeper. When Athens became the capital of the Greek state, wealthy aristocrats chose Psiri for residence and built  beautiful neoclassical buildings, some of them still retain their prestige. Over the years, the tavernas in the Heroes square  began to gather people of the night who loved the bustle and brawls. Best known as “koutsavakides” caused trouble and terrorized Athens using Psiri as their base for over 50 years. They literally governed the neighborhood and even the police were afraid to set foot in Psiri.

Later, as everywhere, the area next to the center with its beautiful buildings and little leather shops fascinated those who were seeking the new. Within a few years, restaurants, design shops, galleries, bars and creative agencies, gave the kiss of life and the neighborhood turned into a meeting place and nightlife.

But even today, remnants of the old neighborhood, such as the outdoor Easter bazaar with Naxian agricultural and livestock products is set up every year around the square, travelling the guests back to its glamorous past.

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