Navigating in Athens and the suburbs with public transportation

Navigating in Athens and the suburbs with public transportation

Metro (subway)

The Metro network in Athens is without any doubt the most convenient way to visit almost any neighborhoodand sights of interest in the city. Below you can find the detailed official map of the metro network.

There are 3 metro lines (green, red, blue), one tram line and one suburban train line. If you are only interested in exploring the city center and all the main tourists attractions then the red and blue line will work perfectly for you. The blue and the green lines connect the city centre with the Airport and the port of Piraeus respectively. The tram line departs from Syntagma square and heads SouthWest towards faliro and SouthEast towards Voula and covers most of the Athenian coastal line known as the Athenian Riviera.

Suburban buses (athenian riviera destinations)

If you are plannning your trip to Athens during spring or summer months it is worth spending a day in the South East coasts of Athens. We recommend Sounio which is about 1 hour driving from Athens (77 klm) and it is famous for the site of ruins of the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in in Greek mythology. You can start your day at the beach and enjoy a nice meal at a local fish restaurant. Make sure you don leave Sounio before you witness the beautiful sunset and take memorable photos.

For information about the suburban timetables, ticket prices and all you want to know you can visit the official website

Ticket prices

You can buy tickets at any metro station using the automatic machines and these tickets can be used in any public transport including buses and troleys but for getting to the airport you ll need a different ticket. The price of a ticket is 1,40 euros and it can be used for 90 minutes. If you consider using the public transportation a lot during the day, you might consider buy a day ticket which costs 4,50 euros. The metro ticket price of the line heading to the airport is 10 euros single or 18 euros with return while the bus ticket to the airport is 6 euros single. At a cost of 22 euros you can buy a 3-day ticket valid for all public transport which can be used for departing/arriving to  the airport.

You can download the OASA Telematics application for android if you want to have real time information about the buses timetables.

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