Top Greek Deserts you shouldn’ t miss in Greece!

Top Greek Deserts you shouldn’ t miss in Greece!

1.Greek Yogurt with Honey

greek-gods-yogurt-honey-premium-e-liquidGreek Yogurt is widely known for its creamy texture and its reach taste . It is widely consumed by the Greek as breakfast, light dinner or as desert. It is served as a desert in many traditional restaurants around Greece.



2. Galaktoboureko (Milk pie)

12338675_754424321354088_999963838_nOne of the most delicious and famous deserts. Made with layers of golden crispy phyllo, sprinkled with melted butterfilled with milky cream and bathed in syrup.

Simply amazing!




Time classic Greek Desert, simple and quick to make.  They are the like fried donuts, served wardownloadm,  with honey syrup and cinnamon, and sometimes sprinkled with walnuts. Their  history  can be traced back to the first Olympic Games in 776 BC. In the original Olympic Games the Greeks honored the winners with these  golden fried balls of dough, covered in honey.


4. Pasteli

honey-sesame-candy-300x225Traditional greek pasteli  is made with sesami or almonds with true honey. Their existance go back to antiquity, the ancient Greeks had a similar recipethat included  nuts and honey. Nowdays, Greeks consume pasteli as a quick snack which  you can  find  anywhere in Greece. There are also  other types of pasteli that include other nuts such as pistachios.


5. Kokakia

isKokakia made by  filling two small cake-type cookies with a delicious pastry cream, dipping in a light syrup and topping it with a chocolate glaze. It can be purchased in any pastry shop in Greece and it is a dessert that everyone loves.




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